The Crust

Our Story

Starting out in my parents’ garden, I brought the necessary tools and knowledge gathered through research and appreciation of Italian culture to start The Crust. This is what gives The Crust its foundation and soul. I think starting humbly yet dreaming big is something that appeals to all business owners and chefs.

Italy is an inspiring country with food folklore that should be followed. The attention and pride put in to long, relaxing meals and a healthy work-life balance is why we hold their attitude towards food so dear.

Italian Job

‘A tavola non si invecchiaia’, meaning ‘you don’t get old at the table’ is a proverb we wish to follow. Life is to be enjoyed and shared with others, and pizza is a wonderfully simple yet unifying dish.

Through our crisp, thin sourdough topped with the finest and freshest hand- picked seasonal ingredients, we want to say: pull up a chair, grab a plate, and focus on the pleasures in life because, when you’re eating, life is at its finest.


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